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fuel (2014)
  • enpeng du, Temple University
The small angle neutron scattering experiment has confirmed the theoretical prediction that a strong electric field induces the suspended nano-particles inside crude oil to aggregate into short chains along the field direction. This aggregation breaks the symmetry, making the viscosity anisotropic: along the field direction, the viscosity is significantly reduced. The experiment enables us to determine the induced chain size and shape, verifies that the electric field works for all kinds of crude oils, paraffin-based, asphalt-based, and mix-based. The basic physics of such field induced viscosity reduction is applicable to all kinds of suspensions. 
  • Crude oil Neutron scattering Viscosity reduction Electric field Aggregation of suspended particles
Publication Date
Fall August 6, 2014
Citation Information
enpeng du. "Neutron-Fuel.pdf" fuel (2014)
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