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Precepting Tips for the New Practitioner
Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy Spring Meeting
  • Jaclyn Boyle, Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Hannah Cross, Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Zachary N. Jenkins, Cedarville University
  • Emily M. Laswell, Cedarville University
Document Type
Conference Presentation
Rootstown, OH
Event Date
  • Pharmacy,
  • preceptor development,
  • precepting,
  • practitioner,
  • rotation,
  • clinical pharmacy
Objectives: 1. Explain one learning activity to implement as a new preceptor 2. Describe one way to evaluate an experiential rotation as a new preceptor 3. Apply information from a student case to a given precepting scenario
Citation Information
Jaclyn Boyle, Hannah Cross, Zachary N. Jenkins and Emily M. Laswell. "Precepting Tips for the New Practitioner" Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy Spring Meeting (2017)
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