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Unpublished Paper
Good Samaritan Law: Immunity Granted to Minor Drug Possessions
  • Emily Williams, The University of Akron
A discussion regarding the Good Samaritan Law that grants immunity to minor drug possessions. RC 2925.11 became effective September 13th, 2016 after Ohio has become part of the heroin epidemic. The Ohio Good Samaritan law grants immunity to callers requesting help and to the person overdosing on heroin, opioids or other drugs from arrest, charging, prosecution, conviction and penalization for a minor drug possession offense. This paper discusses the background of heroin including how it the epidemic began and why the death rate is so high. It goes into the legislative history and the intent behind the legislation. Then the paper discusses the limitations and how this law could ultimately improve. Different perspectives are gained from a Legal Defender, a Deputy Chief Prosecutor, a Lieutenant from the Narcotics Unit, and someone from a drug rehabilitation facility, among others. 
  • Good Samaritan,
  • Drug Possession,
  • Immunity
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Emily Williams. "Good Samaritan Law: Immunity Granted to Minor Drug Possessions" (2017)
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