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About Emily Hayden

While I typically use qualitative or mixed research methods, I have been involved in large scale quantitative research exploring efficacy of reading fluency instruction with content area texts (Examining the Impact of QuickReads Technology and Print Formats on Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary Development for Elementary Students. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness) and evaluating outcomes of Reading First interventions in K-3 classrooms. I have written methodological articles for the use of mixed methods in university reading clinic settings (Reflective teaching via a problem exploration-teaching adaptations-resolution cycle: A mixed methods study of pre-service teachers’ reflective notes. Journal of Mixed Methods Research). Currently, I am co-author of a professional book exploring the use of video and the gradual release of responsibility model to develop critical reflective inquiry with teachers in literacy contexts (Video Pedagogy in Action: Critical Reflective Inquiry Using the Gradual Release of Responsibility. Routledge) and have an article in the next issue of Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice on disciplinary literacy within a science classroom (“What Can Students Do with the Words They Know?” An ELA teacher takes on Science)


Present Assistant Professor, Iowa State University School of Education

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  • CI 488/588 - Supervised Tutoring in Reading
  • CI 452/552 - Classroom Assessment of Reading

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1688 Lagomarcino
(515) 294-1952


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