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About Eloy Martinez

Broadly, my research interests are centered on understanding how biochemical processes, particularly those occurring in the mitochondrion, respond to environmental stressors. In particular, my research focuses on how environmental temperature alters the efficiency of mitochondrial ATP production in aquatic and terrestrial ectotherms. In a larger scale, my research aims to evaluate the linkages between cellular energetics and life history traits (e.g. growth, reproduction), thus elucidating key cellular mechanisms that influence ecological fitness in ectotherms.

In addition to bioenergetics research, I allocate a portion of my professional career to develop tools and instruments to be employed in biological research. These efforts range from tools to control temperature during biological assays, to in-house manufacture of Clark-type polarographic electrodes to be employed for oxygen partial pressure measurements.


Present Management Officer III, Department of Natural and Environmental Resources ‐ Guánica International Biosphere Reserve

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Bioenergetics, Fish Physiology, Insect Physiological Ecology, Insect Physiology, and Natural Resources Management

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Mitochondrial Bioenergetics (3)

Teleost Bioenergetics (1)

Instrument Development for Biological Research (1)

Aquatic Physiological Ecology (1)

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