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Unpublished Paper
Nigger Manifesto: Ideological and Intellectual Discrimination Inside the Academy
ExpressO (2014)
  • Ellis Washington

Draft – 22 March 2014

Nigger Manifesto

Ideological Racism inside the American Academy

By Ellis Washington, J.D.


I was born for War. For over 30 years I have worked indefatigably, I have labored assiduously to build a relevant resume; a unique curriculum vitae as an iconoclastic law scholar zealous for natural law, natural rights, and the original intent of the constitutional Framers—a Black conservative intellectual born in the ghettos of Detroit, abandoned by his father at 18 months, who came of age during the Detroit Race Riots of 1967… an American original. My task, to expressly transcend the ubiquitous slave chains of affirmative action—but to what end? On the one hand, White liberals/progressives who dominate and control college/university faculty hiring and student enrollment collectively spend hundreds of billions annually traversing heaven and earth in their insatiable lust for Black athletes, despite the fact that many of these so-called “student-athletes” are functionally illiterate.

Yet as a Black intellectual what is my reward for 30 years of meticulous research, a prolific publication record on several continents, in eight or more languages? What is my reward for daring to leave the Democrat Party plantation, for rejecting the zeitgeist of Hegelian dialectical materialism, Marxist socialism, John Stuart Mill liberalism, Wilsonian progressivism, Orwellian Groupthink over these past three decades? My reward is that in a de jure (legal) and de facto (unofficial) sense I am effectively blacklisted by White and Black Progressive academics who over the past 50 years have increasingly come to dominate the Academy. Yet instead of being hung from a tree like my forefathers of bygone eras, I have been subjected to what Justice Clarence Thomas called, a “high-tech lynching.” Therefore, my reward for being an uppity Negro is I have been blacklisted as an enemy of the State…The Spook who sat by the Door.

I am a blacklisted Black conservative intellectual despite the fact that my resume has transcended the racist limitations and lowest-common-denominator parochialism of affirmative action. For example, before I completed my first semester of law school (Sept.-Dec. 1991) I had already served as a Staff Editor on the Michigan Law Review (May-Aug. 1989) editing a dozen or more scholarly articles (several as the primary editor) and completed the manuscripts on two future law review articles I authored. I also served as a law clerk at the Sixty-Plus Elder Law Clinic (Sept.-Dec. 1991), and the Rutherford Institute (Dec. 1991-Aug. 1992). For all three positions I bested all the top-tier second and third year law students who were my competition. Furthermore, I came to Harvard the same year President Barack Obama (1988), and first attended law school there in Jan. 1989, 4 months after Obama began his legal studies, yet I made law review 2 years before Obama’s historical achievement becoming the first President of the Harvard Law Review. While his was an affirmative action appointment, I earned my law review appointment as an editor on the Michigan Law Review literally from off the streets—without a law class, without any prior legal training or legal experience, without any academic mentoring by any law professors.

Nevertheless, instead of being welcomed into the Academy as an equal, my prolific scholarly output over 30 years has been mocked, marginalized, slandered, and scrupulously ignored by the academic community. My honor, my oeuvre, my career effectively murdered!... hung (if you will) from a metaphorical tree by the White liberal/progressive establishment who wield cultural hegemony over every aspect of society including education at all levels; dominating and ruthlessly controlling all endeavors to teach at any of America’s colleges, universities, and law schools. We conservative scholars, academics, and intellectuals have no home to go to in our futile, Sisyphus-like search for good faith faculty interviews let alone tenured faculty positions and publication of conservative ideas in leftist-dominated scholarly journals. When we endeavor, we are discriminated against, ignored, mocked, summarily rebuffed, and quickly learn that we are faced with the ubiquitous, chilling, yet invisible sign above every faculty inquiry—NO CONSERVATIVES NEED APPLY! Paradoxically, even at so-called Christian, Catholic, Jewish, conservative, evangelical, independent, and the few universities, law schools, even Think Tanks that still aspire to teach “natural law” which is America’s real constitutional history and original jurisprudence all seemingly fail to either value the need for doctrinaire conservative scholars to preserve so-called ideological balance, nor make any good faith, systematic efforts to employ conservative academics at America’s higher educational institutions beyond mere token numbers.

Why do White liberals, who comprise the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Socialist Party, including college administrators, presidents, deans, and faculty allow this invidious ideological racism to be perpetrated against Black conservatives on all America’s college, university, and law school campuses? My answer came from the Chair of the University of Southern California School of Journalism who confessed—“they [liberals] hire themselves.” As the sole guardians of all societal institutions, all education is controlled by the Left and Progressives via cultural hegemony and through state and federal mandates. All education in America is effectively dominated by socialist unions, national organizations like the NEA, AFT, ABA, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and hundreds of other leftist groups mandating “national regulations,” “national education standards” and uniform federal guidelines for higher education. John Dewey, the so-called father of American public education was honest when he called teachers “progressive agents of [socialist] change.” In modern times, under the Machiavellian tactics of cultural hegemony, education is controlled by socialists and progressives at every level where education is homogenized, dumbed-downed, perverted, and propagandized with Nazi-like efficiency using Gestapo tactics and Schutzstaffel (SS) strategies perfected by the Nazis they termed—“Weltanschauung” und “Gleichschaltung” (worldview and forcing into line). These fascist but effective methods are expressly designed to keep liberals/progressives in, Christians and conservatives out of what Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes called the “marketplace of ideas.”

Thus history, circumstances, and destiny have compelled me to write this iconoclastic auto-biographical Manifesto… A Nigger Manifesto, if you will, exposing the invidious, ideological racism against Black conservative scholars, academics, and intellectuals that is so rampant throughout America’s colleges, universities, and law schools that few dare even mention its’ existence. This outrage against Christians and conservative academics demands immediate Congressional action. It is a gross dereliction of duty that to date Congress, who since 1788 under Art. 1, Sec. 8 under the U.S. Constitution has plenary, enumerated powers to control the purse strings of the federal budget including funding to virtually all American colleges, yet Congress ironically has been the de jure financiers of ideological racism in America by annually rubberstamping education appropriation bills in a perfunctory manner. Congress has been willfully ignorant of history that since at least the founding of the National Education Association (NEA) in 1857, public education in America has been systematically perverted to eradicate a morality-legality synthesis in legal decisionmaking.

Since the 1860s the Left has used Darwin’s Origin of Species as its primary text to systematically deconstruct Western civilization, free-market capitalism, including America’s Judeo-Christian traditions, natural law, natural rights, conservative thought, and a relevant, constitutional Republican Party, while concurrently mandating an entrenched, existential, evolution atheism in all societal institutions— a diabolical means propagating a Darwinist, socialist, progressive worldview end. Thus, America is now essentially a one-party Democratic Socialist State—the constitutional Framer’s original Republic founded under God, the Bible, natural law and Federalism, all but a deadletter. Nevertheless, I hear the prophetic words of the Roman poet Juvenal ringing in my ears who queried almost 2,000 years ago—Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?—Who guards the guardians? I answer—Natural Law and Veritas!

Tragic also is that virtually few ‘liberal-minded’ scholars, academics, and adminstrators have seen the need to seriously analyze, to systematically chronicle, and propose proven and substantive legal remedies and effective public policy to oppose these existential racialist attacks against the livelihood of conservative scholars, Black intellectuals, and academics by the liberal/progressive gatekeepers which has existed in gross violation of U.S. federal law for over 150 years, or since circa 1860, the advent of the Darwin-Marx-Gramsci ‘Long March through the Institutions’… the apotheosis of the Progressive Revolution.

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Publication Date
May 17, 2014
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Ellis Washington. "Nigger Manifesto: Ideological and Intellectual Discrimination Inside the Academy" ExpressO (2014)
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