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Probiotics in Tanzania: a multi-partner development project
Development in Practice (2009)
  • Ellena Andoniou, Western University
This article critically examines an HIV/AIDS development and research project in Mwanza, Tanzania. A group of women produce a type of probiotic yoghurt that has provided evidence of lowering the incidence of HIV infection. The yoghurt is consumed by the women, their family members, and local citizens living with HIV/AIDS; surplus is sold within the community. While the project's multi-partner, multi-disciplinary composition allows for varied expertise and insights, it also requires open and collaborative dialogue. This article discusses the project's challenges, positive outcomes, and some of the socio-cultural issues that need to be addressed if it expands in size and/or scope.
  • Aid,
  • Gender& diversity,
  • sub-saharan Africa,
  • Social sector
Publication Date
August 25, 2009
Citation Information
Ellena Andoniou. "Probiotics in Tanzania: a multi-partner development project" Development in Practice (2009) p. 873 - 883
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