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Concept Maps: Graphic Organizers for Flat Patternmaking
International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Annual Conference Proceedings
  • April Elisha Stanley, Iowa State University
  • Ellen McKinney, Iowa State University
PED: Pedagogy
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In the current flat patternmaking course, students learn patternmaking concepts from the lecture, textbook, instructor-led demonstrations, and self-practice. The innovative strategy was to introduce students to the use of concept maps to organize relevant patternmaking material. By utilizing concept maps, students can chunk or group the patternmaking concepts, which helps them to remember the material. The effectiveness of the concept maps was observed by the instructor in the class. Students expressed that they liked working in pairs because it allowed them to discuss the patternmaking concepts with another person. Students also stated that the concept maps helped them to think about the subject matter learned in the patternmaking class. In the future, patternmaking students should be taught how to make their own concept maps. This would likely assist students in their critical thinking skills and further improve their comprehension of patternmaking concepts.
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April Elisha Stanley and Ellen McKinney. "Concept Maps: Graphic Organizers for Flat Patternmaking" (2016)
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