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Exploring the Inclusion of Sewing Pattern Development in a Fashion Design Course
International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Annual Conference Proceedings
  • Addie Martindale, Iowa State University
  • Ellen McKinney, Iowa State University
PED: Pedagogy
Presentation Type
Oral Session
Online as a Learning Tool
An increased interest in home garment sewing and growth in the home sewing industry (IBISWorld, 2014) provides an interesting alternative or supplementary career choice for fashion design students. An innovative teaching strategy was developed to integrate home sewing pattern development into an advanced pattern making class curriculum at a Midwestern university. A number of technologies were used to develop a home-sewing pattern curriculum that could be used by distance and in-person learners. A pre- and post-test was given to gauge student interest in the curriculum, perceived benefits, and skills. Students responded positively to the curriculum and indicated that learning to create a home sewing patterns improved their pattern making skills. Ninety-three percent thought fashion design students should learn how to create sewing patterns and write sewing instructions Seventy-three percent of students felt that it expanded their future career possibilities.
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Addie Martindale and Ellen McKinney. "Exploring the Inclusion of Sewing Pattern Development in a Fashion Design Course" (2016)
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