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Drought-related changes in two hunter-gatherer California populations
Quaternary Research (2002)
  • Elizabeth Weiss, San Jose State University
Skeletal remains from two California cemeteries bracketing a severe drought that began around 1200 yr B.P. are analyzed to determine drought-related quality of life changes in Native Americans. Cemetery 1 predates the drought at 2895 ± 160 yr B.P. to 1845 ± 90 yr B.P. and Cemetery 2 dates it at 1100 ± 90 yr B.P. to 1220 ± 200 yr B.P. Quality of life was assessed through femoral computerized tomography scan measures of cortical thickness, age at adult death, and pathology/trauma frequency. After controlling for age and sex differences, changes from Cemetery 1 to Cemetery 2 showed decreases in cortical thickness and age at death and increases in pathology and trauma frequency.
  • Drought,
  • hunter-gatherer,
  • California,
  • populations
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Elizabeth Weiss. "Drought-related changes in two hunter-gatherer California populations" Quaternary Research Vol. 58 (2002)
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