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Immunocytochemical and cytochemical localization of photosystems I and II
Plant Physiology (1982)
  • K. C. Vaughn
  • Elizabeth Vierling
  • S. O. Duke
  • R S Alberte
Cytochemical and immunocytochemical methods were used to localize photosystems I and II in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.  cv Himalaya) chloroplasts. PSI activity, monitored by diaminobenzidine oxidation, was associated with the lumen side of the thylakoids of both grana and stroma lamellae. The P700 chlorophyll a protein, the reaction center of PSI, was localized on thin sections of barley chloroplasts using monospecific antibodies to this protein and the peroxidase- ntiperoxidase procedure. Results obtained by immunocytochemistry were similar to those of the diaminobenzidine oxidation: both grana and stroma lamellae contained immunocytochemically reactive material. Both the grana and stroma lamellae were also labeled when isolated thylakoids were reacted with the P700 chlorophyll a protein antiserum and then processed by the peroxidase-antiperoxidase procedure. SII activity was localized cyto- chemically by monitoring the photoreduction of thiocarbamyl nitroblue tetrazolium, a reaction sensitive to the PSII inhibitor, DCMU. PSII reactions occurred primarily on the grana lamellae, with weaker reactions on the stroma lamellae.
  • photosystems I and II,
  • immunocytochemical methods,
  • Cytochemical methods
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K. C. Vaughn, Elizabeth Vierling, S. O. Duke and R S Alberte. "Immunocytochemical and cytochemical localization of photosystems I and II" Plant Physiology Vol. 73 (1982) p. 203 - 207
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