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Evaluation of Outcome Change Scores for Patients With Pneumonia or Heart Failure
Western journal of nursing research
  • C. A. Scherb
  • B. J. Head
  • M. Hertzog
  • Elizabeth A. Swanson, University of Iowa
  • D. Reed
  • Meridean Maas, University of Iowa
  • Sue Moorhead, University of Iowa
  • D. M. Conley
  • M. Kozel
  • M. Clarke
  • S. Gillette
  • B. Weinberg
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Peer Reviewed
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West J Nurs Res
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This study was conducted to describe the variance in selected Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) outcome change scores of hospitalized older patients with pneumonia (n = 216) or heart failure (HF; n = 67) that could be explained by age, length of stay (LOS), number of comorbid conditions, number of nursing diagnoses, and number of nursing interventions. Investigators used a descriptive correlational design to analyze data sets from three U.S. community hospitals. Study participants had at least two ratings on one of nine outcomes selected for their frequency and use across the three hospitals. A significant portion of the variance in the outcomes Knowledge: Illness Care and Fall Prevention Behavior was explained for pneumonia patients. None of the regression models for HF patients showed significance. Individual independent variables were significant in some of the models (i.e., LOS [pneumonia], number of nursing diagnoses [pneumonia and HF]). Implications for research and clinical practice are discussed.

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Western journal of nursing research, : (2011) pp.-. DOI:10.1177/0193945911401429.
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C. A. Scherb, B. J. Head, M. Hertzog, Elizabeth A. Swanson, et al.. "Evaluation of Outcome Change Scores for Patients With Pneumonia or Heart Failure" Western journal of nursing research (2011) ISSN: 1552-8456
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