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Review of the book Reflections on multiliterate lives
Language in Society (2002)
  • Elizabeth C Scheyder, University of Pennsylvania

Many authors write books and papers about deficits in second language teaching and competence, shining a spotlight on what teachers are doing “wrong” or what students are lacking. In this volume, Diane Belcher and Ulla Connor set out to provide a model that bypasses these negative perspectives and showcases success stories in second (or nth) language learning. The result is a compilation of auto-ethnographies from 18 adults with successful professional careers who were asked to provide their “L1/L2 literacy autobiograph(ies)” (p. 209).

Publication Date
November, 2002
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Elizabeth C Scheyder. "Review of the book Reflections on multiliterate lives" Language in Society Vol. 31 Iss. 5 (2002)
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