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2008-2009 Student's Guide to Article 9 and Related Statutes
  • Elizabeth McCullough
Publication Date
Larry Bates, David G. Epstein, David Frisch, Elizabeth McCullough...[et. al]
Publisher Statement
This is a statutory supplement specially designed by law students for use by law students taking an Article 9 course. And with Article 9 Student Guide as the statutory supplement for your Article 9 course, your students will use Article 9 more because they will get more out of using Article 9. Article 9 Student Guide identifies the sections that law school courses emphasize and makes those sections more accessible for your students by adding - references to the sections that define key terms in that section; - brief descriptions of other sections that need to be read together with that section; and - student comments clarifying for law students what the Official Comments make clear only to commercial law mavens.
Citation Information
2008-2009 Student's Guide to Article 9 and Related Statutes, (Larry Bates et. al eds., 2008)