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Impostor Phenomenon: Alive and well among library leaders
Michigan Library Association Academic Libraries Conference (2014)
  • Elizabeth Martin, Grand Valley State University
Imposter Phenomenon (IP), also known as Imposter Syndrome, has been a popular topic in higher education for over 30 years. This presentation will reflect my research on the topic of Impostor Phenomenon (IP) in academic library managers and administrators. The presentation will give an overview of IP and the literature found on the topic. It will review the traits and types of IP that are commonly expressed. It will demonstrate that while this topic is discussed and written about in other fields of higher education, there has been, up to this point, no mention of it as it relates to library management. The thesis for the research is to explore whether IP is commonly found among library managers and administrators, as it is in other fields in higher education. Additionally, the best-known practices of addressing IP will be discussed. It will look at commonly known coping strategies for IP sufferers as well as give advice for mentors/coaches who lead someone with IP traits.
  • Imposter Phenomenon,
  • Leaders,
  • Managers,
  • Libraries,
  • Administrators
Publication Date
Spring May 28, 2014
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Elizabeth Martin. "Impostor Phenomenon: Alive and well among library leaders" Michigan Library Association Academic Libraries Conference (2014)
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