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Bodies as Evidence: Mapping New Terrain for Teen Pregnancy and Parenting
Global Public Health (2016)
  • Aline C Gubrium, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Kasey Jernigan, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Elizabeth L. Krause, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Predominant approaches to teen pregnancy focus on decreasing
numbers of teen mothers, babies born to them, and state dollars
spent to support their families. This overshadows the structural
violence interwoven into daily existence for these young parents.
This paper argues for the increased use of participatory visual
methods to compliment traditional research methods in shifting
notions of what counts as evidence in response to teen
pregnancy and parenting. We present the methods and results
from a body mapping workshop as part of ‘Hear Our Stories:
Diasporic Youth for Sexual Rights and Justice’, a project that
examines structural barriers faced by young parenting Latinas and
seeks to develop relevant messaging and programming to
support and engage youth. Body mapping, as an engaging,
innovative participatory visual methodology, involves young
parenting women and other marginalised populations in drawing
out a deeper understanding of sexual health inequities. Our
findings highlight the ways body mapping elicits bodies as
evidence to understand young motherhood and wellbeing.
  • Teen pregnancy; Latina sexual health; body mapping; participatory visual methods
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Aline C Gubrium, Kasey Jernigan and Elizabeth L. Krause. "Bodies as Evidence: Mapping New Terrain for Teen Pregnancy and Parenting" Global Public Health (2016)
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