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Evaluation of the Ardoch Western LinCS Project
  • Michele Lonsdale, ACER
  • Jenny Wilkinson, ACER
  • Elizabeth Kleinhenz, ACER
In Australia and other Western countries, there is growing recognition among governments, business and community groups that schools cannot deal with the complex demands of the twenty-first century on their own. There is an emerging body of evidence to show that school-community partnerships can make a positive difference to the outcomes of students in disadvantaged areas. There are still gaps in the evidence base however. More evidence of successful collaboration is needed and the impact these partnerships have on student outcomes. The WLinCS project is one such example of a highly effective school-community partnership. The western suburbs of Melbourne are among Victoria’s most disadvantaged communities. The Ardoch Youth Foundation (Ardoch) aims to help schools, early childhood canters and communities to support children and young people who are unable to engage in or continue with education. Through its Western LinCs project, Ardoch seeks to create a gateway through which local community and business organisations can be directly involved in the support of these educational settings and their communities. [From Executive summary]
  • School communities,
  • Schools,
  • Partnerships,
  • Disadvantaged,
  • Early childhood,
  • Children,
  • Young people,
  • Education,
  • ACER,
  • Classroom help,
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Positive engagement
Publication Date
May, 2011
Citation Information
Michele Lonsdale, Jenny Wilkinson and Elizabeth Kleinhenz. "Evaluation of the Ardoch Western LinCS Project" (2011)
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