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A standards-guided professional learning system
Centre for Strategic Education (CSE). Seminar Series (2006)
  • Lawrence Ingvarson, ACER
  • Elizabeth Kleinhenz, ACER

The authors note that teaching is almost alone among the professions in not having profession developed, profession wide standards and a related system of professional learning and certification to assist teachers to attain those standards. The authors argue the case for a standards guided professional learning system (SGPLS) designed to help teachers learn and grow and provide public assurances of the quality of work of those teachers who are able to meet the standards, assist in the development of career paths for teachers and teacher leaders that are based on the demonstration of excellent teaching. They discuss the essential components of an (SGPLS) and describe some examples that work in Australia, the UK and America and argue for a national system to suit the Australian context.

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Lawrence Ingvarson and Elizabeth Kleinhenz. "A standards-guided professional learning system" Centre for Strategic Education (CSE). Seminar Series Iss. 153 (2006)
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