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Unpublished Paper
School focused professional development and the interaction of teachers
Theses (1996)
  • Elizabeth A Hartnell-Young, Monash University

This study is concerned with school focused professional development in Fairhills High School. Data from teachers in the school has been analysed in order to provide a basis for planning a professional development program in the light of government initiatives. In particular, the study analyses the communication patterns within the school in an attempt to ascertain the extent of collaboration which occurs between teachers, and the factors which influence professional interaction. Recommendations for professional development at Fairhills High School are based on discussion of the data. In addition, the study suggests implications for all schools. The results reported in this study indicate that an awareness of the characteristics of the school and the teachers in it is important to anyone planning for school focused professional development. In addition, they raise questions about the wisdom of assuming that any school is a homogeneous community. The needs of teachers as individuals and in groups need to be considered if the innovation is to be successfully implemented.

  • Cooperation,
  • Interaction,
  • Professional development,
  • Secondary schools,
  • Teachers
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Elizabeth A Hartnell-Young. "School focused professional development and the interaction of teachers" Theses (1996)
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