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The impact of eportfolios on learning
  • Elizabeth A Hartnell-Young, University of Nottingham
  • Colin Harrison, University of Nottingham
  • Charles Crook, University of Nottingham
  • Gordon Joyes, University of Nottingham
  • Lindsay Davies, University of Nottingham
  • Tony Fisher, University of Nottingham
  • Richard Pemberton, University of Nottingham
  • Angela Smallwood, University of Nottingham

This report presents the potential impact of e-portfolios on learning and teaching. It is based on case studies of eight projects that are in the early stages of e-portfolio use within the primary, secondary, further education (FE), higher education (HE) and adult and community learning (ACL) sectors. The report is primarily aimed at policy-makers. Harnessing Technology: Transforming Learning and Children’s Services, the e-strategy published by the DfES in 2005, sets a target of providing a ‘personalised online learning space for every learner that can encompass a personal portfolio’; this should be available to every school by 2008 (DfES, 2005). In addition, the QCA’s Blueprint for E-assessment proposes that, by 2009, all awarding bodies should be able to accept and assess e-portfolios (QCA, 2004). Expectations have therefore been raised for learners as e-portfolio creators, for their current institutions and for their potential audiences.

  • ePortfolios,
  • Learning,
  • Teaching,
  • Primary schools,
  • Secondary schools,
  • Further education,
  • Higher education,
  • Adult and community learning,
  • Technology
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Elizabeth A Hartnell-Young, Colin Harrison, Charles Crook, Gordon Joyes, et al.. "The impact of eportfolios on learning" (2007)
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