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Digital professional portfolios for change
  • Elizabeth A Hartnell-Young
  • M Morriss

Whether you are an administrator or a teacher, this book provides you with the conceptual framework and tools needed to effectively utilise the potential of digital portfolios. As CD-ROM and internet technology become more accessible, teachers are in a unique position to use multimedia to describe their experiences and reflect on their growth and professional development. This book shows how to construct a portfolio in the traditional sense and demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of digital interactivity

  • Digital portfolios,
  • Tools,
  • Professional growth,
  • Digital technology,
  • Portfolios,
  • Intenet technology,
  • Multimedia
Publication Date
Skylight Training and Publishing
Citation Information
Elizabeth A Hartnell-Young and M Morriss. Digital professional portfolios for change. Arlington Heights, IL(1999)
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