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"Apps"olutely Perfect Resources for Information Literacy
Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy
  • Lucy Santos Green, Georgia Southern University
  • Stephanie Jones, Georgia Southern University
  • Judi Repman, Georgia Southern University
  • Elizabeth Downs, Georgia Southern University
Room 1005
Type of Presentation
Workshop (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Target Audience
See presentation description.
Presentation Description
This interactive, hands-on learning experience includes a BYOT - Bring Your Own Technology - opportunity. During the session, presenters will be introducing participants to apps that align with AASL standards for the 21st century learner. Participants will be able to identify apps that support each of the four learning standards.
Presentation Year
  • Technology in education,
  • AASL standards,
  • Apps,
  • Information literacy
Publication Type and Release Option
Presentation (Open Access)
Citation Information
Lucy Santos Green, Stephanie Jones, Judi Repman and Elizabeth Downs. ""Apps"olutely Perfect Resources for Information Literacy" (2012)
Available at: