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Web 2.0 Tools: Empowering Faculty to Move beyond the LMS
ELI 2011 Annual Meeting, Educause (2011)
  • Charles B. Hodges, Georgia Southern University
  • Kenneth F. Clark
  • Elizabeth Downs, Georgia Southern University
  • Lucy Santos Green, Georgia Southern University
  • Stephanie A. Jones, Georgia Southern University
  • S. L. Kenney
  • Judi L. Repman

Curt Bonk has observed that "most course management systems fail to provide creative sparks to learning because they only track or map it after it occurs" (2009, pp. 135-136). This presentation will be anchored by a description of how and why the faculty members in an online Instructional Technology MEd program are using Web 2.0 tools outside a standard LMS to support teaching and learning. Specific examples of instructor and student use of the tools will be described and discussed.

  • Course management systems,
  • Faculty members,
  • Instructional technology,
  • LMS
Publication Date
February, 2011
Citation Information
Charles B. Hodges, Kenneth F. Clark, Elizabeth Downs, Lucy Santos Green, et al.. "Web 2.0 Tools: Empowering Faculty to Move beyond the LMS" ELI 2011 Annual Meeting, Educause (2011)
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