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Expediting Document Delivery from Remote Storage
OCLC Resource Sharing Conference (2017)
  • Elizabeth A Richardson
  • Mike Collura
Expediting Document Delivery: Kent State University Libraries houses roughly one-third of our collection at a third-party commercial off-site storage facility. Presenters will review a workflow developed to fulfill Document Delivery requests for items at this facility that reduces both time to fulfillment and cost. Prior to this workflow, items were retrieved at the facility then sent to campus for processing. This practice created significant lag in delivery and increased overall costs. Leveraging ILLiad and Odyssey and taking advantage of available services at the facility, we addressed these issues by partnering with the vendor for scanning and delivery. Obstacles overcome will also be discussed. 
Publication Date
March 15, 2017
Virginia Beach, VA
Citation Information
Elizabeth A Richardson and Mike Collura. "Expediting Document Delivery from Remote Storage" OCLC Resource Sharing Conference (2017)
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