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Multimedia in Discovery Services
Charleston Library Conference (2015)
  • Elizabeth A Tietjen, Providence College
  • Elizabeth Peele Mumpower, Emory University
  • Christine Stohn
This session will explore the issues that we face with multimedia content in discovery platforms, like EBSCO Discovery Service and ProQuest's Summon Service. Integrating a wide array of resources presents the inevitable challenge of effectively facilitating access to diverse content. When the majority of content in these systems is text, how can we ensure that multimedia content will be as discoverable? How can discovery service vendors and multimedia content providers work together to address the issues, and what can we learn from the experiences of our end-users in the library community? From data mapping and search algorithms, to interface design and user workflows, this session will seek to uncover the challenges that we face in making multimedia content in these services discoverable to end-users. A speaker from a multimedia content provider (Artstor), a discovery service vendor, and a representative from the end-user library community will present on their experiences and challenges. Questions for each of these stakeholders in the audience will be posed to shed light on their current practices and experiences. The discussion will be aimed at developing best practices for facilitating discovery of multimedia content in these services.
Publication Date
November 6, 2015
Charleston, SC, US
Citation Information
Elizabeth A Tietjen, Elizabeth Peele Mumpower and Christine Stohn. "Multimedia in Discovery Services" Charleston Library Conference (2015)
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