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Environmental Stewardship in Nursing: Introducing the "WE ACT-PLEASE" Framework
Creative nursing
  • Elizabeth Schenk, Providence St. Patrick Hospital
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This article introduces a framework for environmental stewardship in nursing practice, the WE ACT-PLEASE framework. The framework describes five content domains of pollution from health-care sources: Waste, Energy/water, Agriculture/food, Chemicals, and Transportation (WE ACT). It identifies six key professional elements: Professional Obligation, Leadership, Education, Accountability, Science, and Engagement (PLEASE). The framework is positioned within a global context of planetary health and planetary-level environmental harm. The framework image includes directional arrows, pointing nurses toward environmentally safe and healthy practice, decreasing pollution and planetary-level disruptions such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion. This framework provides structure and guidance to help nurses decrease harm from practice, meet professional obligations, and create a healthier world.

Environmental Stewardship
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Elizabeth Schenk. "Environmental Stewardship in Nursing: Introducing the "WE ACT-PLEASE" Framework" Creative nursing (2019)
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