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Saving all the freaks on the life raft : blending documentation strategy with community engagement to build a local music archives.
Faculty Scholarship
  • Carrie Daniels, University of Louisville
  • Heather Fox, University of Louisville
  • Sarah-Jane Poindexter
  • Elizabeth Reilly, University of Louisville
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Louisville, Kentucky, has a rich musical heritage, including an underground scene that influenced the sound of not only punk, indie, and hardcore, but also popular music regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2013, faced with the loss of several members of this scene over the course of twelve months, archivists in the University of Louisville Archives and Special Collections launched a project to document this important slice of Louisville's musical culture. The Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA) Project successfully applies documentation strategy, paired with a strong community engagement component, to address the gap in the historical record related to this culture.
Citation Information

This article was originally published in The American Archivist, volume 78, issue 1, in Spring/Summer 2015. DOI: