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Nationalgalerie Berlin: Catalogue of Painting and Sculptures (Review)
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  • Elizabeth McKeigue, Santa Clara University
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Book Review
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Library Journals LLC

For scholars and students of modem German art, the Nationalgalerie: Catalogue of Painting and Sculptures on CD-ROM is an excellent means of learning about this museum's collection without having to go all the way to Berlin.

This disc presents in electronic form the complete catalog of the collection of 19th- and 20th-century art in the Nationalgalerie Berlin. While the Nationalgalerie's collection shows a predictable emphasis on German artists, it includes a wide variety of other European artists as well. The disc also catalogs for the first time works confiscated and lost by the museum during World War II. Entries for over 7500 works of art exist here (only 5600 entries include illustrations, and only half of that number are in color).

Citation Information
McKeigue, E. “Nationalgalerie Berlin: Catalogue of Painting and Sculptures.” (Review) Library Journal 1 September 2000.