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Attention bias modification training as a potential preventative tool
Project Summaries
  • BrainsCAN, Western University, BrainsCAN, Western University
  • Elizabeth Hayden, Western University
  • Marc Joanisse, Western University
  • Pan Liu, Western University
  • Koraly Perez-Edgar, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Thomas Olino, Temple University

We will use eye-tracking techniques to understand more about attentional bias and how it changes through ABM training.

Through neuroimaging, we will look at 'resting state functional connectivity', which is the activity and communication in the brain when a person is not engaging in any activity themselves. There are resting-state patterns of brain activity that have been identified in the brains of youth with depression, anxiety and related disorders, but we do not know if these brain patterns can be used to identify those at risk for these disorders. We also don't know if preventative approaches to depression and anxiety, such as ABM, can change these patterns in the brain.

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Funding Program

BrainsCAN Accelerator Grant: Stimulus

Additional BrainsCAN Support

Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core,
Imaging Core


Western Faculty, Group or Institution

Faculty of Social Science, Department of Psychology

Citation Information
BrainsCAN, Western University, Elizabeth Hayden, Marc Joanisse, Pan Liu, et al.. "Attention bias modification training as a potential preventative tool" London(2018)
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