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Unpublished Paper
Antioxidant Capacity of Calcium Lactate on m-Calpain Activity In Vitro
Animal Industry Report
  • Yuan Kim, Iowa State University
  • Edward M. Steadham, Iowa State University
  • Steven M. Lonergan, Iowa State University
  • Elisabeth J. Huff-Lonergan, Iowa State University
Extension Number
ASL R2396
Publication Date
Animal Products
Summary and Implications
To investigate the antioxidant capacity of calcium lactate on m-calpain activity, porcine m-calpain was preincubated with various combinations of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), calcium chloride (CaCl2), and/or different concentrations of calcium lactate (CaLac). The m-calpain was activated by CaLac, and the extent of m-calpain oxidation by H2O2 was decreased with increasing CaLac concentrations. These results suggest that CaLac addition to early postmortem muscle may lead a significant improvement of meat tenderness by providing an activation of endogenous calpain enzymes and protection against protein oxidation.
Copyright Holder
Iowa State University
Citation Information
Yuan Kim, Edward M. Steadham, Steven M. Lonergan and Elisabeth J. Huff-Lonergan. "Antioxidant Capacity of Calcium Lactate on m-Calpain Activity In Vitro" (2009)
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