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About Elina Tor

Elina Tor is the Associate Professor Medical Education Assessment and Psychometrics at the School of Medicine, the University of Notre Dame Australia. Elina is passionate about supporting medical and health professional educators in integrating assessment as part of the fabric of medical and health professional education curriculum, to serve the main purpose as support for students’ learning, whilst at the same time providing rich information to inform and enable defensible decisions on students’ progression in the training program. 

With the background in curriculum studies, sociology & psychology of education, in addition to a PhD in measurement & evaluation in education, Elina’s research interests include but are not limited to - ways of making assessment as integrated part of learning and teaching; specifically on programmatic assessment; all aspects of competency assessment in medical and health professional education; action research as way of perfecting educational practices; comparative education; humanism in medical education. Elina has a strong foundation in quantitative research methodology, at the same time, she is a believer of the philosophy of pragmatism, tending to be transcendent in epistemology and methodological approach, embracing both positivist (quantitative) and phenomenology (qualitative) as equally legitimate and complementary as methodological approach in research.  


Present Associate Professor, Medical Education Assessment and Psychometrics, The University of Notre Dame Australia School of Medicine, Fremantle

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  • Master of Health Professional Education

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Dr Elina Tor
Associate Prof, Medical Education Assessment & PsychometricsSchool of MedicineFremantle Campus


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