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About Elián P. Cabrera-Nguyen

Undocumented Mexican immigrant mental health; the so-called 'Hispanic paradox'; suicide prevention among Latino/a youth; substance abuse and HIV prevention among Latino/a youth; and methodological issues in cross-cultural psychiatric epidemiology.
At the beginning of my doctoral studies, I was interested in studying mental health problems among foster care youth. Therefore, previous publications have addressed mental health and HIV risk behaviors among youth in foster care and US child welfare policy.
Recently accepted:
Masyn,K., Nylund-Gibson,K., Cabrera-Nguyen, E. P.,Peña, J.B. (2012, February 11). Special topics in the inclusion of covariates and distal outcomes in finite mixture and latent class models. Symposium to be conducted at the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Developmental Methodology Section, Tampa, FL.


Present Chancellor's Fellow, Washington University in Saint Louis
Present PhD candidate, Washington University in Saint Louis

Research Interests

Latino adolescent mental health, undocumented Mexican immigration, HIV prevention, Substance abuse prevention, Suicide prevention, and Cross-cultural psychiatric epidemiology

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Contact Information

One Brookings Drive
Campus Box 1196
St. Louis, Mo 63130


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