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About Elham Saadatian

 am a UX Designer with extensive experience in UX research aspects of UX design. I have studied computer science. I am also curious and interested in understanding users’ needs and experienced in data driven approaches to UX design. I have the passion for creating impressive user experiences and have experience with visual design tools. I have lived, studied and worked in the Central Asia, East Asia, Europe and North America and worked in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments. 

Currently I am a UX researcher in The Agents, Interaction and Complexity group (AIC) UK and Simon Fraser University, Canada, working on projects on the design and evaluation of novel persuasive technologies to promote sustainability. I explore the design space of the new media and persuasive technologies in the context of eco-feedback. Before AIC I was in CUTE Center, Singapore and was engaged in a variety of UX projects such as: Natural Feature Tracking, Robot Mediated Communication, Tangible User Interfaces etc.. I have also worked in well-known banking and engineering companies and have been the head of Computer Graphics and Design group in Khaneh Gostar Investment Company.
I have strong aptitude for learning and passionate about personal growth. Outside of the lab, I spend my time developing my rapid prototyping, tinkering and design skill as well as sports and socializing with people.

Specialties: Computer Science, HRI, HCI, Multimedia, new media, User- Centered Design, UX research, visual design tools.


Present Faculty Member, National University of Singapore