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Crossing the Gendered Divide: Male Students' Choice of Non-Traditional College Major
International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Annual Conference Proceedings
  • Elena E Karpova, Iowa State University
  • Juyoung Lee, Mississippi State University
  • Ashley Garrin, Iowa State University
PDG: Professional Development and General
Presentation Type
Oral Session
Preparing Future Professionals
The study explored men's choice of apparel academic college major and, subsequently, a non-traditional career. Phenomenological tradition guided the research. In-depth individual interviews were completed with 22 male students enrolled in an apparel program. Three topical areas emerged from the data analyses and interpretation. The first topical area explored the dynamics of male students entering the apparel major. Using a non-traditional career choice typology, participants were classified as "settlers" and "seekers." The second topical area elucidated motivations behind the participants' decisions to major in apparel. Personal attitudes and abilities were important motivators in the choice of the major, but not social influencers. The third topical area presents students' career orientation. The results provide practical and theoretical contributions for understanding men's career entry, career orientation, and underlying personal motivators to declare a non-traditional career. A theoretical framework for explaining non-traditional career choices made by male students was proposed.
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Elena E Karpova, Juyoung Lee and Ashley Garrin. "Crossing the Gendered Divide: Male Students' Choice of Non-Traditional College Major" (2016)
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