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Automated Writing Analysis for writing pedagogy: From healthy tension to tangible prospects
Writing and Pedagogy
  • Elena Cotos, Iowa State University
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This article aims to engage specialists in writing pedagogy, assessment, genre study, and educational technologies in a constructive dialog and joint exploration of automated writing analysis as a potent instantiation of computer-enhanced assessment for learning. It recounts the values of writing pedagogy and, from this perspective, examines legitimate concerns with automated writing analysis. Emphasis is placed on the need to substantiate the construct-driven debate with systematic empirical evidence that would corroborate or refute interpretations, uses, and consequences of automated scoring and feedback tools intended for specific contexts. Such evidence can be obtained by adopting a validity argument framework. To demonstrate an application of this framework, the article presents a novel genre-based approach to automated analysis configured to support research writing and provides examples of validity evidence for using it with novice scholarly writers.

This is a manuscript of an article from Writing and Pedagogy 6 (2015). Posted with permission.

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Elena Cotos. "Automated Writing Analysis for writing pedagogy: From healthy tension to tangible prospects" Writing and Pedagogy Vol. 6 (2015) p. 1 - 29
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