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Using a Theory-Based Model for Professional Development: Implementing National Common Core Curriculum
Educational Foundations and Technology
  • Elbert Davis, Marshall University
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Nationally, states are searching for the most effective model for integrating the National Common Core Curriculum (NCCC) at the local level. This article describes the training methods and learning model used to address this challenge in two low performing school districts in West Virginia. Pre and post data are presented which validate the effectiveness of the model in improving teacher content knowledge and teaching. Lessons learned and recommendations for school/district administrators charged with implementing the NCCC are also provided.

Copyright © 2012 Southern Regional Council on Educational Administration. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Bolen, Jacob, Elbert Davis, and Melissa Rhodes. "Using a theory-based model for professional development: Implementing a national common core curriculum." Southern Regional Council on Educational Administration 2012 Yearbook: Gateway to Leadership and Learning, edited by Frances Kochan, Linda Searby, and Maysaa Barakat, College of Education, Auburn University, September, 2012, pp. 15-22.