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About Elaine Hampton

My research focuses on my quest to understand my privileged position in the process of border societies. Recent research looks into science fairs and standardized testing. Who benefits and who loses? What are the impacts on the educational programs in our community? Emerging research explores the effects of highly interactive inquiry science curricula on concept and vocabulary development in schools where children are learning English as their second language. Particularly exciting is the ongoing investigation into the relationship between the maquiladora industry and the schools built in the colonias surrounding Cd. Juárez where the maquiladora workers are living.


Present Faculty Member, University of Texas at El Paso

Books: border studies, globalization in education, critical feminist ethnography (2)

High Stakes Testing and Teacher Certification (1)

high-stakes testing, Texas testing, testing movement, testing resistance, minority-student testing, (1)

No Subject Area (4)