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Is Schizophrenia a Semiotic Disorder? Replies to Harrod
Schizophrenia Bulletin (1986)
While in agreement with Harrod's (1986) evaluation of the relevant data, Chaika and Lambe argue that several conclusions he has inferred from these data exceed what they warrant. In particular, Chaika and Lambe do not claim that schizophrenia is a language (or speech) disorder; nor do they claim that schizophrenic persons lack cognitive deficits; finally, in no way do they imply that language (or speech) data are the only appropriate data upon which to base inferences regarding the cognitions of schizophrenic persons.
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"Is Schizophrenia a Semiotic Disorder? Replies to Harrod" Schizophrenia Bulletin Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (1986) p. 14 - 15 ISSN: 0586-7614
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