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Mechanism of autoimmunity in pregnancy - The good and the bad
Autoimmune disorders - Pathogenetic aspects
  • Lotti Tajouri, Bond University
  • Ekua W. Brenu, Bond University
  • Donald R. Staines, Bond University
  • Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik, Bond University
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Tajouri, L., Brenu, E. W., Staines, D. R., & Marshall-Gradisnik, S. M. (2011). Mechanism of autoimmunity in pregnancy - The good and the bad. In C. Mavragani (Ed.), Autoimmune disorders - Pathogenetic aspects (pp. 437-462). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

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2011 HERDC submission. FoR code: 110703

© Copyright InTech, 2011.

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Extract:In humans, female’s humoral and cellular immunity are actually stronger than men (Nalbandian & Kovats, 2005) and present a higher antibody serum titration than men (Giron-Gonzalez et al., 2000) which could logically and possibly explain their gender predisposition and susceptibility to autoimmunity. Holding an autoimmune disease and becoming pregnant is a serious matter for a woman and knowledge of the course of the condition during pregnancy is essential. Relational variations exist between types of autoimmuny during pregnancy and consequently proper advices from physicians are provided accordingly. In Systemic lupus erythematosus, all advices provided to the patients are meant to dissuade women from getting pregnant while being in a relapse stage of the disease and better wait for the end of the flare pathological course. As for Rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, no real dangers are encountered while being pregnant and while the disease symptoms are expressed it still does not present life threatening risks to the gestation. In Myasthenia gravis, during gestation the risks are variable and retrospective studies show increase complications.
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Lotti Tajouri, Ekua W. Brenu, Donald R. Staines and Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik. "Mechanism of autoimmunity in pregnancy - The good and the bad" 1stRijeka, CroatiaAutoimmune disorders - Pathogenetic aspects (2011) p. 437 - 462
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