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About Ekaterina N Kadnikova, PhD

Research interests
·        Chemical education; student engagement in organic chemistry courses.
·        Bioorganic chemistry, enantioselective catalysis, dynamic kinetic resolution, biocatalysis.
·        Microwave-assisted enzymatic reactions.
·        Polymer synthesis, enzymatic polymerization; hybrid organic-inorganic materials.
Teaching experience
In the last 17 years I have been a college faculty teaching various chemistry courses:

Most often I taught Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Elementary Organic Chemistry (BA/MD program), Survey of Organic Chemistry (agriculture program), as well as Bio-Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, and Advanced Theoretical Organic Chemistry.

I have also taught General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Introduction to Thermodynamics, and Chemistry for Life Sciences (pre-nursing).


Present Adjunct faculty, 50 % FTE (2019-present), University of Saint Thomas ‐ Chemistry
Present Assistant Professor , 50 % FTE (2019-present), St. Catherine University Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Assistant Professor (2004-2013), University of Missouri - Kansas City ‐ Chemistry
Associate Lecturer (2015-2018), University of Wisconsin-River Falls ‐ Chemistry
Visiting Assistant Professor (2018-2019), Macalester College ‐ Chemistry
Visiting Organic Chemistry Lecturer (2015), University of Wisconsin-Stout ‐ Chemistry
Visiting Professor of Organic Chemistry (2013-2014), Gustavus Adolphus College ‐ Chemistry

Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Service and Affiliations

2019 - Present member, Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges
2018 - Present member, ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry
2012 - Present member, ACS Division of Chemical Education
1996 - Present member, ACS Division of Organic Chemistry
1996 - Present member, American Chemical Society
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Honors and Awards

  • • American Chemical Society, Department of Chemical Education, Travel Award for Biannual Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE), 2019-2020.
  • • University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Instructional Academic Staff Professional Development Grant, 2016
  • • UMKC Teaching Enhancement Grant (PI), ”Helping students succeed in organic chemistry with “study baskets” and discussion media,” 2010-2012
  • • Army Research Office (PlusUp appropriation) (Co-I), “Advanced Polymer Systems for Defense Application - Power Generations, Protection and Sensing“ (sub-project “Development of New Hybrid Polymeric Materials,” PI Zhonghua Peng), 2010-2012
  • • UMRB Research Grant (PI), “Hybrid nanoparticles via enzymatic polymerization of functionalized cores,” 2010-2011
  • • UMKC Faculty Research grant (PI), “Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles,” 2008-2009
  • • UMRB Research Grant (PI), “Immobilized enzymes for organic catalysis,” 2006-2007
  • • ACS Service Award, Ames Local Section of American Chemical Society and Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, 2001
  • • Hoechst-Celanese Research Excellence Award, Chemistry Department, Iowa State University, Ames, 1998
  • • Personal Research Grant, International Science Foundation, Moscow, 1994–1995
  • • Academic Achievement Scholarship, Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1991-1995


  • Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry (UMKC)
  • Introduction to Polymer Chemistry (UMKC)
  • General Chemistry II lecture and/or lab (ISU, UWRF, Macalester, UST)
  • General Chemistry I lecture and/or lab (UWRF, Macalester)
  • Survey of Organic Chemistry (UWRF)
  • Organic Chemistry II lecture and/or lab (UMKC, Gustavus Adolphus, UWRF, UST)
  • Organic Chemistry I lecture and/or lab (Gustavus Adolphus, UW-Stout, UWRF, UST)
  • Elementary Organic Chemistry (UMKC)
  • Chemistry for Health Sciences (CHEM 1010 at St. Catherine Univeristy)


2001 - 2004 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ‐ Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis
2001 - 2004 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California - Berkeley ‐ College of Chemistry
1995 - 2001 PhD, Iowa State University ‐ Department of Chemistry
1998 - 1998 Inorganic Biochemistry Summer Workshop (NSF), University of Georgia ‐ Center for Metalloenzyme Studies
1991 - 1995 Diploma in Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences ‐ Higher Chemical College