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Internet resources for nurses (2nd edition)
Nursing Faculty Book Gallery
  • Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
  • Kristen S. Montgomery
  • Eileen R. O'Shea, Fairfield University

Editors: Joyce J. Fitzpatrick and Kristen S. Montgomery

Contributing author: Eileen R. O'Shea.

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Book Contribution
Eileen R. O'Shea is a contributing author, Chapter 23 "Nursing publishing companies" (2nd ed., pp. 141-147). Book description: This 2nd edition of the award-winning guide to the web for nurses is nearly double in size and twice as useful! Expert nurses in more than 50 content areas have carefully selected and reviewed nearly 400 web sites available in their specialty areas --- resulting in an authoritative guide to the best the web has to offer for the professional nurse. Each web description includes a summary of the site, intended audience, sponsor, level of information, and relevance to nurses. The book also indicates sites which can be referred to patients.
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O’Shea, E. (2003). Chapter 23 - Nursing publishing companies. In Fitzpatrick, J. & Montgomery, K. Internet resources for nurses (2nd ed., pp. 141-147). NY: Springer Publishing Company, Inc.

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Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Kristen S. Montgomery and Eileen R. O'Shea. "Internet resources for nurses (2nd edition)" (2003)
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