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Service Learning Initiatives in Nursing Education
Journal of Catholic Higher Education
  • Eileen R O'Shea, Fairfield University
  • Jessica Planas, Fairfield University
  • Melissa Quan, Fairfield University
  • Meredith Wallace Kazer, Fairfield University
  • Lynn M. Babington, Fairfield University
  • Lydia Grenier
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Copyright 2013 Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, Journal of Catholic Higher Education.

Archived here with permission from the copyright holder.

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O'Shea, Eileen, Planas, Jessica, Quan, Melissa, Kazer, Meredith, Babington, Lynn, & Grenier, Lydia (2013) "Service Learning Initiatives in Nursing Education", Journal of Catholic Higher Education, 32(2), 265-281.
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Eileen R O'Shea, Jessica Planas, Melissa Quan, Meredith Wallace Kazer, et al.. "Service Learning Initiatives in Nursing Education" Journal of Catholic Higher Education Vol. 32 Iss. 2 (2013)
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