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Breaking the Silence: Parents' Experiences of Courtesy Stigmatization in the Workplace
Focal Point
  • Eileen M. Brennan, Portland State University
  • Julie M. Rosenzweig, Portland State University
  • Anna M. Malsch, Portland State University
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  • Mental illness -- Social aspects,
  • Stigma (Social psychology),
  • Work environment -- Psychological aspects
This article discusses "courtesy stigmatization," defined as the prejudices, negative judgments, and discrimination extended to others -- particularly partners, family members, and close friends -- who are caring for, or significantly connected to, an individual with a mental health disorder. The author explores how this affects parent, caregivers and the workplace, and brings to light an area of study that human resource professionals are just beginning to address.

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Rosenzweig, J. M, Brennan, E. M., & Malsch, A. M., (2009). Breaking the silence: Parents' experiences of courtesy stigmatization in the workplace. Focal Point: A National Bulletin on Family Support and Children's Mental Health, 23 (1), 29-31.