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Politics and the 2005 Gaza and North West Bank Compensation and Assistance Facility
Harvard Negotiation Law Review (2009)
  • Ehud Eiran, University of Haifa

The paper explores and analyzes the claims and assistance facility created by Israel in order to compensate and aid the settlers it relocated from Gaza IN 2005. The paper makes three contributions. First, it offers an analysis of a core aspect of the settler relocation. Second, it investigates the structural features of the claims and assistance facility. Third, it explores the effect of politics on the development, construction, and implementation of the facility. Rather than creating, as in most facilities, a mechanism to redress an injury already suffered, the Israeli government developed ted a compensation mechanism for a future injury that the government itself was about to cause. This situation contributed to the politicization of the facility and put the settlers in the impossible position of wanting to prevent the injury in the first place, while still having adequate compensation should the injury be unstoppable. Conversely, this situation allowed the government to use the facility as part of its effort to legitimize the injury. The compensation facility, therefore, had itself become part of the debate and not simply part of the solution.

  • Israel,
  • Gaza,
  • Settlers,
  • Palestinians,
  • Dispute resolution,
  • Dispute systems design,
  • law. claims facilty,
  • relocation,
  • Gaza,
  • West Bank,
  • Relocation,
  • removal,
  • withdrawal
Publication Date
Winter 2009
Citation Information
Ehud Eiran. "Politics and the 2005 Gaza and North West Bank Compensation and Assistance Facility" Harvard Negotiation Law Review Vol. 14 (2009)
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