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Crossover States of Vortex Matter in Trapped Bose Condensates
Physical Review Letters (2006)
  • S. Kragset
  • Egor Babaev, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • A. Sudbo
We perform Monte Carlo studies of vortices in three dimensions in a cylindrical confinement, with uniform and nonuniform density. The former is relevant to rotating 4He, the latter is relevant to a rotating trapped Bose condensate. In the former case we find dominant angular thermal vortex fluctuations close to the cylinder wall. For the latter case, a novel effect is that at low temperatures the vortex solid close to the center of the trap crosses directly over to a tension-less vortex tangle near the edge of the trap. At higher temperatures an intermediate tension-full vortex liquid located between the vortex solid and the vortex tangle, may exist.
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S. Kragset, Egor Babaev and A. Sudbo. "Crossover States of Vortex Matter in Trapped Bose Condensates" Physical Review Letters (2006)
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