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“Russian-EU Relations: From Rhetoric to Partnership?”
New Zealand International Review (2005)
  • Tassos E. Fakiolas
  • Efstathios T. Fakiolas, University of Peloponnese
The article argues that Russia and the European Union are currently standing on the edge of deciding whether or not they should develop firm relations of strategic partnership. Essentially, they are set before the challenge to inaugurate an era in which they are about to take steps to move on from mere rhetoric and convergence on an array of economic issues to joint action in world politics as equal partners in global leadership.
  • EU,
  • Russia,
  • Strategic Partnership,
  • Security
Publication Date
March, 2005
Citation Information
Tassos E. Fakiolas and Efstathios T. Fakiolas. "“Russian-EU Relations: From Rhetoric to Partnership?”" New Zealand International Review Vol. XXX Iss. 2 (2005)
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