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“Reflecting on the Relationship Between Security and Military Strategy”
Peace and Security (2001)
  • Efstathios T. Fakiolas, University of Peloponnese
It is lowest-contested among the students of international relations that security points to the freedom of threats and the ability of states to come to terms with external pressures over their sovereignty. Yet, there still remains much to argue. The apple of discord concerns not only the form in which external threats may clothe, but also the form of strategies required for response. Contemporary debate is dominated by the view that the most effective strategy for dealing with external threats to state security is the use of armed force. Contrary to this view, this article seeks, within the recently-developed realist ‘new thinking’ about strategy and security, to put forth the idea that the externally-oriented conception of security should be conceived in a holistic perspective, beyond the sphere of military strategy. Far from being obsolete or outdated options, the resort to war as a means of conflict resolution and the use of force for security purposes are no longer deemed by definition as the proper formula for success.
  • Security,
  • Military Strategy,
  • IR Theory,
  • Conceptual Analysis
Publication Date
October, 2001
Citation Information
Efstathios T. Fakiolas. "“Reflecting on the Relationship Between Security and Military Strategy”" Peace and Security Vol. XXXII (2001)
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