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About Efim Kinber

Professor Kinber passed away November 10, 2019. Efim Kinber, Ph.D., was Professor of Computer Science at Sacred Heart University from 1995 to February 2019. Dr. Kinber's teaching focus is senior and graduate courses in algorithm design and implementation, and his research includes Computational Learning Theory and Complexity Theory. He joined Sacred Heart University in 1995. Dr. Kinber is also a member of The Program Committee of the Annual Conference on Learning Theory, COLT'2003, the NEASC University Assessment Committee, the URCG Committee, and the Association for Computing Machinery.
Degrees: Ph.D., Computer Science, Latvian University; Ph.D., Mathematics, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg Division, Russia; BS, Latvian University.


1995 - February 2019 Professor Computer Science and Engineering, Sacred Heart University ‐ School of Computer Science & Engineering, Jack Welch College of Business

Research Interests

Algorithm Design and Implementation, Computational Learning Theory, and Complexity Theory

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  • CS349/611 Operating Systems
  • CS603 Database Design

Contact Information

Computer Science and Engineering 
West Campus West Building WCW*W3B312 
Jack Welch College of Business 

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