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Henderson Speaks About His Presentation to United Nations
United Nations (2007)
  • Effenus Henderson

Effenus Henderson, Chief Diversity Officer and Director, Workforce Representation and Diversity for Weyerhaeuser Company, recently sat down with Diversity Spectrum President Lynn Gardner Heffron to discuss emerging issues in corporate diversity. For background, in his role at Weyerhaeuser, Effenus is responsible for overseeing workforce representation, EEO, diversity, and inclusion activities for over 13,000 employees across North America. As Chief Diversity Officer, he advises the CEO and senior management team on diversity related matters and is a recognized expert in the area. His previous role was Director of Recruiting, Staffing and Diversity.

  • United Nations,
  • Intercultural Diversity
Publication Date
Fall 2007
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Effenus Henderson. "Henderson Speaks About His Presentation to United Nations" United Nations (2007)
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