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Law of the Sea
International Studies Compendium (2010)
  • Edwin E Egede, Cardiff University

The sea from time immemorial has served humankind in diverse ways. It has provided a link for transportation and trade between various states. In addition, through activities such as fishing, it serves as a source of food and perhaps, relatively more recently, it serves as a cache of tremendous offshore mineral resources for coastal states. These multifunctional uses of the sea over the years have led to the development of a body of legal norms, labelled as the “International Law of the Sea” or more simply “Law of the Sea,” to regulate the use of the seas and to delineate the powers and jurisdiction of States over various parts of the seas. There is a superabundance of literature on the law of the sea and it is almost impossible to cover all the literature in a review essay of this limit. This literature review will therefore be limited to examining some key literature that elucidates the development of this important area of international law.

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Robert Denemark
Wiley-Blackwell Publishing
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Edwin E Egede. "Law of the Sea" International Studies Compendium Vol. VIII (2010)
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